A Fresh Packaging Perspective

Leeways is a British, family owned company that offers thermoformed packaging solutions with a thorough and unrivalled service. With our state of the art manufacturing facility based in Gloucestershire, we pride ourselves on our competitiveness, manufacturing principles and the investment made in...

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Leeways design and run complex bakery and biscuit trays for high speed automated packing and our most recent investment is focused on in-mould cutting and tooling for automatic de-nesting. We have a wide range of attractive bakery packaging to keep your products contained


We are continuously working with our customers in the confectionery market to innovate, improve and perfect their product packaging. Using our latest investments in state of the art plant for in mould cutting and tooling for automatic de-nesting, Leeways design and manufacture complex confectionery


With ever changing lifestyles, the convenience market continues to expand. We have developed a range of uniquely designed ‘food to go’ and pre-prepared meal products to meet these demands. From individual portions with ‘easy to hold’ options for those on the move, through to

Meat and Seafood

The partnership between Leeways and the meat & seafood industries has resulted in the development of packaging with many innovative features. These offer additional functionalities to allow portion control and the convenience of a multi-pack. The range is also cost-efficient, highly visual and includes

Medical Range

One of our most recent market developments is providing procedural and wound care packs to the medical industry. These single use trays are designed to carry the necessary equipment for medical staff, and are used as complete packs in all areas of

Soft Fruit and Produce

The produce market has ever-changing demands and needs a flexible and responsive approach. The ‘Leeways Produce Range’ covers the salad, mushroom and freshly packed fruit & vegetable markets. Our extensive range of produce packaging, includes individual portions with ‘easy to hold’ options for those